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Hey you, I'm Lauren! 

Hair loving,  Netflix watching, Business owning, Clean cooking enthusiast 


Growing up my nickname in High School was "Hair Walters" (my maiden name). I had hair, on top of more hair, on top of more hair! I had  thick curly hair but really didn't know what to do with it. I was never taught how to work with my natural curl or how to safely wear it straight. (I even remember in High School ironing my hair with a clothes iron, on an ironing board to try to straighten it- pre flat irons, not even kidding.) I tried beauty school after being exhausted with college and  21 years later, I still love my job.

I believe that everyone can feel confident when they have the hair that works for them. I love consulting with clients about their hair, their lifestyle and what is practical for them. I will tell you what your hair wants to do and what it doesn't want to do! I am always honest when clients ask me about a certain style, weighing the pros and cons so you know what to expect. 


When I am not in the salon, you will find me with my hard-working husband and 3 usually wonderful kids. When I've had too much of them, we all know it happens, you will find me in my room binging a show ( "Million Little Things" anyone?) , watching hair videos and pinning some fun new recipes. Side note; My kids keep begging me to go on "Nailed it" and I still cant decide if that's a compliment! 

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